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Olam Chesed Yibaneh!

Hi Midreshet Family! It's been an eventful week at Midreshet Moriah. After spending a long week learning together, we all went to our hosts to spend a beautiful uplifting Shabbat.

On Sunday we were privileged to attend a Yom Iyun (day full of learning) about Chessed. We started off the day  in the Beit Midrash by learning a piece of Netivot Shalom on Chessed. Afterwards, we had the opportunity of hearing from a panel of three amazing ladies who spoke to us about their roles in Chessed in the Jewish Community. First we heard from Rena Rosenblum. She spoke to us about "Rena’s Place"- a shelter for girls who are at risk. She inspired us with the Chessed she does for tons of girls, no matter what their situation is, every single day. Following Rena, we heard from Ilana Katz who shared her amazing experience of donating her kidney. Not only does she not stop there, she also runs a full-time free G’mach for clothing for smachot! It was so inspiring to see how much chessed one could do. Next we heard from Rachel Nadel who started the famous "Anywhere in Israel" program. Thanks to Rachel, tons of Yeshiva and Seminary students, including girls from Midreshet Moriah, always have a place to go for Shabbat.

After the panel ended, we heard from Arnie Draiman who spoke about managing Tzedaka money. He brought in the eye-opening, hilarious Ruth Shlossman. Ruth is a lady of many talents. The amount of Chessed she does is something we all aspire to.  She started alternative healing therapies for families of victims of terror. She shared her story of the time she witnessed the Sbarro Pizza bombing and how it inspired her to help terror victims. It was so inspiring to hear from her!

Our day continued with more hands on learning about chessed as we hopped on the busses waiting to take us to Crossroads. Crossroads is an organization that helps troubled teens at risk get off the streets. At Crossroads we learned their tactics and techniques on how they approach and help the teens. We attended three different sessions. First we heard about the organization from the directors Robbie and Tzvi. Then we participated in an Art Therapy Session. Lastly, we went out to Yafo Street and acted out situations that the staff might go through with the teens. The whole experience was very educational, and it was comforting to see how there are always people out there looking out for you.

Our day didn't end here! After this whole experience, we got to put our Chessed into play. We went to Pantry Packers, where they package rice for underprivileged families who can't afford food. Not only was it so nice to participate in the Chessed, we had a blast as well! To end off the day, we heard a very inspirational speech from Susi. Susi started a support group called "Girlfriends of Fallen Soldiers." The day could not have ended off on a higher note.

Monday was a regular day of our as always inspirational classes. During our night off, both the football and basketball leagues had their games. Both Midreshet Moriah’s teams brought home wins!

On Tuesday morning, we all woke up to the terrible tragedy of the terrorist attack on the Shul in Har Nof. We started the day by saying Tehilim together and our entire days' learning was dedicated to the refu’ah sh’leima of the victims and l’ilui nishmat of those who lost their lives in this brutal attack. We ended off the day with a beautiful Kumzitz. Even when things get tough, our Midreshet Moriah family is always there for each other.

On Wednesday, anyone who was able to go to their Chessed activity went. Luckily for us, we got our Big Apple Pizza coupons and we assure you, we won't be going to sleep hungry tonight!

Looking forward to another great week here at Midreshet! Shabbat Shalom J

Daniella Bodek, Orley Bral and Lea Braun



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