Student Life

Our Location

Midreshet Moriah is located in the quiet, safe, beautiful Jerusalem neighborhood of Baka, Jerusalem

Our Dormitory


Our beautiful new residence, Beit Ruby, is located in Baka, on Rechov Yehuda, at Tzomet Oranim. Each apartment has 3 bedrooms, two full bathrooms and a refrigerator and microwave in the kitchen. The apartments have heating and air conditioning, controlled by the students. The dorm is supervised by the Eim Bayit and four resident madrichot. Students generally live two to a room and may request their apartment mates or go “potluck”. Students may invite female friends to sleep over during the week and for Shabbatot. Our Bet Midrash, classrooms, offices and dining facilities are all located in one building, a 7-min. walk from the apartments. 

In order to create an environment of kedushah at Midreshet, don’t bring things which will distract you and others from learning, and bring down the kedushah of our environment. This is your year to focus on growing in ruchniut!  Smartphones and laptops are permitted, but laptops may be used only in the apartment building.  Since use of any phone in the Bet Midrash or classrooms is not permitted, all devices must be deposited in the baskets available for this purpose in each of these rooms.

Don’t bring expensive things which can “disappear,” like jewelry and very expensive electronics, including expensive phones or laptops. Make sure to keep any valuables out of sight and to keep your room locked. Each room is also equipped with a personal safe. Do not keep your cash where it is visible or easily located -- it should be on your person or in your safe. We are not insured for cash or valuables that are lost or stolen.

Communication Services

Faxes may be sent and received in our office (fax number 2-651-9631 or 646-929-4429). We have two student computers in our school building that have internet and are connected to the printer.


On regular Shabbatot, you may spend Shabbat with family, friends or members of our faculty. We are always happy to help set you up with places to go for Shabbat! Students may also stay in the dorm for Shabbat whenever they like, as long as a certain minimum number of students is interested, in which case a Madrichah stays for Shabbat with them. Once a month we have a mandatory school shabbaton, usually off campus on a yishuv or in a youth hostile. 

Chagim 5780 (2019-20)

  • Students are invited to teachers' homes for Rosh HaShannah and Yom Kippur (optional).
  • On Sukkot, the dorm is open during Chol Ha-Mo’ed but closed for Yom Tov.
  • We spend Shavuot together at Midreshet Moriah on campus.


A light breakfast of cereal and milk is provided. Lunch, the main meal, includes soup, salad, a main course, cooked vegetable, starch, and dessert. Meals are served on days when shiurim are in session. Dinner will be provided four nights a week. Our school building has a stove tops, ovens and microwaves for the students' convenience, if they would like to cook. Students may bring (or buy in Israel) a toaster-oven or sandwich maker (220v) to prepare light meals and snacks in their kitchens. Nearby, are shopping centers which include supermarkets, a pharmacy, kosher pizza, a school-supplies store, sushi, and many other shops.

Banking, Shopping, Post Office

There are two shopping centers not far from the Midrasha which include a supermarket, pharmacy, post office, school supply store, kosher pizza, bakery, ice cream shop, bank, and other shops.   


Laundry facilities are located in the building. Each student is responsible for her own laundry. Students may also arrange for pickup and delivery service.

Leisure & Curfew

You must return to the dorm by 12:00 AM on weekdays and 12:30 A.M. on Thursday and Saturday nights. You may not stay in a hotel or in an apartment (air BNB, included) without adult supervision deemed appropriate by the school.


Please pack and choose clothing to wear with the knowledge that our standards will be enforced vigorously from the moment you land in Israel and through the entire year.

In order to avoid unpleasantness or embarrassment for you, we would like to clearly outline Midreshet Moriah’s dress code – which applies both in school and during your free time.

  • All clothing must be loose-fitting.
  • Necklines must be closed to the collarbone. V-neck or scoop-neck shirts or sweaters are not acceptable. Men’s v-neck or sleeveless undershirts are not acceptable.
  • Sleeves must cover the elbow.
  • Skirts must reach well below the knee when standing or sitting. Slits above the knee (front and back) are not permitted.
  • Shirts must cover the torso when standing, sitting and bending.
  • Slacks are not permitted.
  • See through clothing is not permitted
  • T-shirts should not bear inappropriate pictures or writing.
  • Jewelry worn in excessive amounts or non-traditional ways and places is not permitted. "Earrings" only in the ears.


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