Advanced-Level Choices

Building your own personal schedule at Midreshet means finding the right level of challenge for you. That's where Midreshet's Advanced-Level shiurim come in. The Advanced Shiurim are designed to provide the maximum challenge for the most academically talented students in a high-level environment which stresses independence and skills:

  • Your Mix of Advanced & Regular shiurim: All students may choose to sign up for as many or as few Advanced shiurim as they like.  We don't track our students -- we track our shiurim.  You're free to either join Regular-Level shiurim, or you may seek more of a challenge by taking Advanced shiurim -- the choice is yours.  How many of each you sign up for -- you guessed it -- is up to you.
  • More chavruta means more independence: Advanced shiurim offer more chavruta, so while you're preparing with a teacher's guidance for your next shiur, you're also building skills for a lifetime of independent learning. Chavruta also means you'll arrive at each shiur having already thought about the topic, so you'll spend less time in shiur on basics and more time taking things further.
  • Higher-level discussions: Advanced Shiurim are designed to challenge the most academically talented students by creating a high-level environment in which they join peers with similar abilities and learn at the highest level possible. Advanced Shiurim are designed for academically talented, motivated students; this keeps the shiurim small and helps maintain the high level of the discussion during each shiur.
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