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The Last Week of Classes

We can't believe it's the last week! The year has flown by and we're so upset to leave! We've had all our classes for the last time and it has been so bittersweet.

On Monday, the Mishkan class took a trip to the Beit Hamikdash Virtual tour and Machon HaMikdash where they're already building the vessels! It was so inspiring to see people actively trying to prepare for Mashiach. We were so happy to see the vessels we had been learning about for so long.
Wednesday night Rabbi Moshe Lichtman came to speak about this week's parsha. He compared the Jews travelling in the desert to our leaving our year in Israel. It was a really interesting speech. 
Thursday night we're having all night learning with Rav Eitan to finish up some information. We're so excited to finish Sefer Bereishit!
Shabbos we're going to be in school for the last time. It's going to be so emotional and we're excited to be able to spend the last weekend together. 
On Sunday we have the banquet. All of the teachers are going to be spoken about by students and there will be activities too. We have such mixed emotions! We are so sad to leave.


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