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Making Cinnamon Rolls / Purim Chagiga at Shalva

This past week started off with cinnamon roll making in Rav Rafi;s night class. It was an amazing way for everyone to bond at the end of a tiring day. And the buns were delicious. 
On Monday afternoon the Midreshet Moriah girls went to visit Shalva Children's Center along with Tiferet and Amit to have a chagiga with the members of Shalva. We had a wonderful time.  After that we went into the auditorium where the Shalva members put on an amazing concert for us, and then we spent another hour dancing with Shalva kids and spreading lots of Pre-Purim ruach. 
The rest of the week has been filled with regular learning, a ton of costume shopping, mishloah manot preparation, and the growing excitement of the arrival of Purim. 
Wishing everyone an easy fast and a Purim Sameach!


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