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Shabbat Yom Iyun

This past week we had a Yom Iyun about Shabbos. We had a guest speaker, Sara Machlis, who inspired us all with her amazing story about her mother, Rebbetzin Machlis Z"TL. Rebbetzin Machlis would always have guests for Shabbos from 50-150 people per week at her home. No matter what background they were from, her arms were always wide open for whomever wanted to step in for a meal. Then, we chose out of three options which session we wanted to go to. All the sessions were on different topics related to Shabbos like the meaning of Shabbos, shabbos makeup, shabbos zmirot. 
Have a wonderful Shabbos!
Renen Melul and Sarah Mankowitz, Shana Aleph


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