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Learning, Bonding and More!

Last week ended off with an AMAZING Shabbos in Midreshet!  We began with Kabbalat Shabbat in the school and then dinner in the Beis where we were all assigned random seats so that we could branch out and get to know each other better. At dinner, we heard beautiful divrei Torah from Rav Eitan and Rebecca Gellis. Following dinner, we had an awesome tisch filled with tons of ru’ach and great desserts!  Shabbos morning started out with Shacharit (of course) in our Beis Midrash, followed by a kiddush outdoors and parsha shiurim. At lunch, we heard more great divrei Torah from Sepha and Alex Klein!  After awesome zemiros and benching, we went to our local shul for Mincha. After Mincha we came back to school for a few hours of menucha where many girls tried to get over their jet lag, hung out with each other, or went to optional shiurim. We then had seudat shlishit and beautiful slow shira. Ashley Lauer gave a lovely dvar Torah and we ended with Havdala from Rav Eitan.

Backtracking to last Thursday, after orientation, we all headed out to Kever Rachel for Mincha and then to Rav Eitan’s for a fun BBQ. We had delicious food, fun ice breakers and heard a beautiful dvar Torah from Rav Eitan. 

This week, on Sunday, all of our classes have finally begun. We are so excited to have so many incredible options! From Tanach to Halacha, to so much more; words of inspiration and Torah flooded the building.

On Wednesday afternoon, Shana alef had a much deserved break. They all headed out to the Beit Meir pool where they swam and had a dance/water aerobics workout! They had an awesome time! 

We can't wait for our first out Shabbos and another amazing week!

Eliana Halley and Ashley Lauer






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