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Midreshet Commemorates and Celebrates!

Hi Midreshet Family! 

Last Tuesday night we had the privilege to be part of Masa's Yom Hazikaron assembly where they honored the memory of victims of terror and brave soldiers from abroad. 

On Wednesday morning we gathered in the Beis where Debbie Shochat from Efrat came to share the story of Shuli, a beloved son, husband and father. We then walked to Har Herzl where we heard the siren and had a meaningful experience walking around and hearing stories from family members/ friends of our heroic chayalim and chayalot. Some of us even heard the story about a chayal who was killed on the morning that Israel declared independence in May 1948. Later in the day a film was shown about Ro'i Klein. Our first Yom Hazikaron in Israel was especially moving and gave us greater appreciation for our incredible army, without whom we wouldn't have such a special place to call our beautiful, protected home. Coming from America, it was really a shock to see how Israelis commemorate Yom Hazikaron. Back at home Memorial Day is usually commemorated by a weekend full of barbecuing, shopping and chilling at the beach. But here in Israel everyone unites and mourns together. It made us so proud to be part of a people who are so connected. We are truly blessed. 

On Wednesday night, the mood totally shifted as we began to celebrate Yom Haatzmaut. After a Tefilla chagigit, we joined in celebration with the community of Efrat in honor of Israel's 68th birthday. 

On Thursday we went to Ammunition Hill, a famous battle site from the 1967 war. We had many photo ops on the different army vehicles.

From there we headed to Moshav Aminadav, where we were joined by the Mayer and Berglas's families. Vicky shared with us the Berglass' unbelievable story of moving to Israel and starting Neve Aliza. We danced, sang, played sports and had a delicious barbecue.  It was a great first Yom Ha'atzmaut in Israel!!  

Stay tuned for next week to hear about our awesome tiyul in the North!

Francine Szerer, Ariela Stein, Daniella Seelenfreund  



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