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Shana bet Rocks!

We started off the week learning about Asara b’Tevet throughout the daily classes. On Monday night Shana bet threw an incredible concert fundraising event for the organization SHEKEL. SHEKEL is a group home for individuals with special needs. The home allows the members to thrive by providing them with jobs and independence.  Shana bet "adopted" this organization for their leadership initiative program. We give major kudos to Shana bet for finding Ari Goldwag after having technical difficulties with the previous singer. The concert was upbeat, lively and really fun to be at. Girls from a variety of seminaries came to benefit the organization. Together with the auction held at our Chanukah chagigah, Shana bet raised over 8,000 nis!

On Tuesday, Asara b'Tevet, all seminaries joined together at Heichal Shlomo to learn together in honor of the security situation and the victims. It was really special to have a chance to hear teachers from other seminaries as well as sharing our own. We had the utmost privilege to hear inspiring words from Racheli Frenkel the mother of Naftali z"l. She is a true light in our generation and it is a privilege to be in her presence as she gave words of encouragement. The program ended with a kumtziz and mincha at The Great Synagogue. 

Wednesday morning, the weekly ‘Darkeynu’ program participants took a trip to Shaarei Tzedek hospital and gave out drinks to patients and visitors. It was a fun yet fulfilling experience! 

All in all, it was a great week and we are looking forward to what we hope will be a week of safety and achdut amongst am yisroel, b’ezrat Hashem!  

Avital Gettenberg and Rachel Frieling 



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