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Tanach Comes Alive!

This past week two exciting events occurred. First, on Thursday, we had our Yom Iyun on Interpersonal Relationships. Our main speaker was a therapist who discussed the five languages of love and how to get the most out of relationships using them. Several teachers followed talking about various topics including multiple intelligences and how to remain calm in frustrating situations. Our morning ended with a muffin buffet, a delicious surprise. Shana bet also had an amazing Yom Iyun on Chinuch Habanim.  

The second special event was our much anticipated Tanach Tiyul. Led by our knowledgeable guide, Eitan, we visited David and Goliath's site of battle, as well as learning about Shimshon's life while overlooking his hometown. Realizing the connection between the land and the Tanach was a very meaningful experience and definitely made the stories come to life.

Just in from Shana bet…..”While Shana Alef was on their Tiyul Tanach, Shana bet went to ‘Mercaz Tzomet’ in Gush Etzion. It's a fantastic place where they develop and manufacture cool "shabbos gadgets". They create halachically approved and shabbos approved electrical appliances such as nebulizers and scooters and light switches for hospitals, sick people, etc.  We learnt a whole new area of Halacha and had a great time!

Rebecca Buckler and Galit Bouaziz


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