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Our First Shabbat

It's been another exciting week at Midreshet Moriah. Classes have started and the building is full with words of Torah once again. Last week the girls arrived and started off the year with an informative orientation and inspirational trip to Kever Rachel followed by a fun bonding bbq at Rav Eitan’s house in Neve Daniel. At the bbq, along with the great food, we played fun games like speed dating where we made new friends and learnt fun things about one another.

Our first Shabbat we spent together 'babayit' - at home. From singing to davening to making new friends and quality time with teachers, it was all around a great Shabbat. We learnt great Torah which was a perfect way to start off our first week of classes. Rabbi and Vicky Berglas joined us for the entire Shabbat as did Bracha and Rav Eitan and his family.  Shelby and her family joined us for lunch as did Aliza and her husband and Dina and her family. It was truly a beautiful first Shabbat.

Throughout this week girls have been trying out new classes, learning new Torah,  getting to know their teachers, and starting off on the right foot. On Wednesday we registered for volunteering opportunities which allow us to give of ourselves to the people of Eretz Yisrael.  Representatives of various chesed organizations came and presented the many volunteering opportunities available to us;  Kedma, One family fund, Nofei Yerushalyim, Ethiopian Project, Shalva and of course Shaarei Tzedek to name just a few.  

It's been a great week and we’re looking forward to a great year!

Shabbat shalom,

Tali Golubtchik and Tali Lazar, Shana bet



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