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See You Soon!

It's been an exciting and successful seven months here at Midreshet Moriah. Now is the time when we say "see you soon" to our teachers and new friends as we leave for the Pesach break. We are so excited to go back home, yet so sad to leave. We can't wait to come back reenergized and rejuvenated for the last couple months we have left here. 

On Wednesday night we had a "Round Robin" of learning for the Pesach Seder.  Each teacher went around from class to class and brought a little piece of Pesach seder to the table (literally). We learned about the Seder plate, the actual Seder, and customs. Some teachers even brought in edible models of their mini lectures. 

Midreshet also held a panel, featuring Rav Eitan, Rav Lerner, Aliza and Malka, for anyone with Halachic questions, general questions, or just thoughts and ideas about Pesach and our time at home or in Israel. It gave us the opportunity to clarify any uncertainties or confusion, and our teachers shared their opinions from their own personal experiences. They helped us set general schedules for learning at home, so we can keep up with it and we’ll be ready to get back into our learning at Midreshet when we come back. It was a wonderful experience and helped give clarity for the upcoming holiday.  

On Friday, many girls participated in the Jerusalem Marathon, supporting many important organizations such as Yachad, HASC, Shalva, Kobi Mandell and Keren Or. Everyone had a great time.

On Sunday, we went on an adventurous trip to the Sataf right outside Jerusalem. There, we went on an interesting and beautiful nature walk and helped build agriculture terraces. Due to shmitta we couldn't physically work the land, but we still had lots of fun building the terraces. We ended our trip with a walk through a narrow cave and sang together in a beautiful kumzitz; the acoustics were great!  

We want to wish you all a happy and kosher Pesach and enjoy your time with your families. We can't wait to see everyone back here at Midreshet soon! 

Judy Mocton, Amanda Nussbaum and Sami Myers



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