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You've been Pranked!

This week has been filled with Adar shenanigans at every corner, even...Rav Eitans office! That's right. We  pranked the faculty and staff with a "Would you Rather" theme. The walls were plastered with intriguing and philosophical ‘would you rather questions’ like: Would you rather Big Apple or Moshikos? Ben or Jerry? Kumsitz or Dance Party? In addition, we covered the floors with cups of water, with some containing a surprise inside (red paint!). All the desk chairs in the office were replaced with beanie bags and the scissors went missing once again! To top it all off a balloon monster proudly took a place in the office for the day. This was all part of the nehafochu spirit of Adar.

Sunday was Yom heChalutz' for costume day! We dressed up as the former residence of 29 heChalutz by proudly representing the elderly community that lived here before us. Today we are fasting but we’re looking forward to baking Hamentaschen later tonight…

This entire month of dressing up, mishloach manot, seuda prepping and matanot la’evyonim are just some examples of the spirited events getting us pumped for PURIM! Chag sameach everybody!

Daniella Levy, Jamie Lubin and Talia Mamann


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