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Chodesh Tov!

It's been another exciting week at Midreshet! Last Motzei Shabbat was the annual Yeshiva University Kedma Choir Competition. Sixteen seminaries including Midreshet participated in the much anticipated event which included singing, dancing, and even rapping! Even though we didn't place this year, it was still a very fun night filled with lots of music and ruach. Afterwards we were treated to a special ice cream party because, in the words of Rav Eitan, "You guys are winners in my eyes no matter what." Thank you to choir heads Tali Laserson, Sami Myers, and Dena Edelman for putting together a beautiful production. Awesome job guys!

Tuesday night we were privileged to hear from Levi Greenspan, a tremendously inspirational Person. Levi became blind and was still able to overcome the obstacles of life and he became a successful lawyer. We were truly inspired.

Wednesday was Rosh Chodesh Shvat. A bunch of our Midreshet girls decided on their own to wake up at 5:00 in the morning to go and daven vatikin at the Kotel. The fact that these girls were able to push themselves to do this on their own is a sign of true growth. #flippingout

We would like to wish our greatest goodbyes and luck to our dear friend and classmate Renee Sutton, who is going back to America to go and study in Brooklyn College. We’ll miss you!

Shabbat shalom!

Tali Golubtchik, Aleeza Hartstein, and Carrie Hawk




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