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We're Back!

It's so great to be back in Midreshet! After a month long vacation, everyone has come back full of excitement and enthusiasm to learn. 

To start off Pesach vacation, 29 girls embarked on a life changing, week-long trip to Poland, led by our very own Vicky Berglas. We were also lucky to be joined by Michal Porath-Zibman and Rav Jason Knapel, who not only provided emotional support but also taught us a tremendous amount. The trip was educational, meaningful and inspiring. 

After recuperating over Pesach break, the dorms are filled with cheery hellos and excited hugs. We are diving right back into learning because we know we're in the home stretch! On Monday, Yom HaShoah, we spent the day focusing on the tragedies of the Holocaust and the rebirth afterwards. After learning about the concern to maintain Jewish law in the ghetto and how strong a connection to Judaism the people retained, we walked up the hill from Midreshet to hear the siren. It was incredible to see everyone stop driving, get out of their cars, and stand silently for two minutes - uniting the country in remembering those who perished. We also had the privilege to hear from Holocaust survivor Mrs. Rena Quint. It was amazing to hear how courageous she was as a child in the Holocaust, surviving alone in Bergen-Belzen. 

Today we’re so excited to have a Yom Iyun on Zionism. We began the day with a visit this morning to Har Herzl. Preparations were in full motion for the upcoming Yom HaZikaron. Flags were placed on every grave with a black ribbon as a sign of morning. Assaf (Estee Colman husband, Bina’s brother-in-law), our guide, took us through the military cemetery and told us many moving stories of the fallen soldiers buried there. As we listened to the stories we could hear music coming from rehearsals for the transition ceremony which will take place on the mountain Monday evening between Yom haZikaron and Yom ha’Atzma’ut. On the one hand we mourn our fallen soldiers and on the other we celebrate the rebirth of the State of Israel. The visit to Har Herzl was a great way to feel connected to our country and get into the mood for upcoming week.

Adi Shulman & Tova Engel



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