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It's a plane, It's a bird, It's Midreshet's Super-Hero's!

We had a really inspirational Mishmar last Thursday with Sally Mayer. She spoke about her experience of having of a very premature miracle baby. I think we speak for everyone when we say how much we appreciate the miracle of birth now and how a person's chessed, however small it may seem, can really have a huge effect on someone.

They say Mishe'nichnas Adar Marbim be'Simcha. To illustrate this, we have been celebrating Adar to the fullest.  Last Wednesday night we began at 11pm with the annual office prank turning the office into SuperHero-Ville. We finally finished at about 4 AM (as you can imagine everyone was wide-awake for class the next morning). Rav Eitan led the way as Superman (thanks to Esther for her amazing artistry!), Bracha-Super Woman, and the Berglas's-our Dynamic Duo. Of course we included Batman – Evyatar, Spiderman - Ruthie, Ironman – Lori and of course no one would survive with out their sidekick – Avichayil. We had a great time turning each personal space to the specific character that related to them. No surface was left uncovered! As well as a special poem for each of our super hero's we decided to send them on a treasure hunt as we stole 'prized' possessions from each of them.

We continued the Adar fun by having themed dress-up days.  Monday was Nerd Day and Tuesday was Tiechel Tuesday (or as Lori called it; "Dress up as Shelby day"). Everyone demonstrated how eager they were to get married and have babies which really freaked out our Rabbis, as one of them said: 'It's like looking into the future'. On Wednesday some girls dressed up at hippies which pretty much wrapped up the theme dress-up days.

Congratulations to the Midmo basketball team on winning their final game on Monday night!

Kiddush this week was sponsored by Sarah Chubak and Yardayna Zuller. This Kiddush was for the celebration of Sarah's birth! A bit late, no? 

Lastly we would like to thank Hashem so much for the beautiful rain we received all week so far. (The thunder and hail were perhaps unnecessary - we had already noticed the rain.) 

Have a great Shabbat!

Naomie Bouaziz and Millie Marcus, Shana Alef



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