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Let it Snow!

As the end of Chanukah was approaching and we all spilt ways, we got the chance to experience Chanukah in Israel to its fullest. Some girls took the opportunity to explore Israel's through its museums, tourist attractions and enjoyed the many different types of gourmet sufaganiyot Israel’s café’s had to offer. We even set up a mystery Maccabee activity for the whole school where each one of us chose a name out of a hat and gave that girl a present. We really appreciated the true essence of Chanukah by witnessing the menorahs in the windows all over the city. We came back to school on Sunday rejuvenated and excited to learn.

On Tuesday, Jerusalem U took us on a wonderful trip to see all that Israel contributes to the world through modern times. We had the opportunity to be the first group to have a tour of Cisco, Israel's leading company in creating today's latest technologies. We heard all about everything that they do and enjoyed a great presentation. Afterwards we heard from the founder of NU, an organization that uses t- shirts to spread important messages. We split up into two groups in order to design a t-shirt with our own cause and then came together with the conclusion of combining our two ideas. We then had the option to go to ‘Save a child's heart’ in Holon where we heard all about the organization and had the opportunity to play with the kids. It was a really inspiring and meaningful way to end our day.

While we experienced this eventful day, Shana bet was busy organizing and preparing for their upcoming JobKatif concert this coming Monday night. We’re all excited to see all that they have planned. Check out all the details in the Alumnae news.

Breaking News!! It’s Thursday morning and we’ve just woken up to a Jerusalem blanketed in white! What a beautiful site. We’re having special activities with our Madrichot in honor of the snow - will tell you all about in next weeks’ newsletter….stay tuned!

Dalia Lipman and Rivka Last, Shana Alef



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