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The Real Journey Begins

We had quite an adventurous week on our Lech Lecha tiyul! Sunday and Monday everyone was running around getting last minute things for the trip. Finally, Tuesday morning at 3:00am,  we headed off on our long anticipated journey. We started the tiyul with an opening ceremony at Ben Gurion's grave site in Sde Boker. We watched the sunrise, davened vatikin and ate breakfast there. 

Then the real journey began; an eight hour hike to the tip of Chod Akev. Midreshet Moriah split into two different groups and our excellent tour guides, Brian and Eitan, lead us through the mountains of the Negev. The theme of day one was "Me and Myself". We focused on pushing our physical and emotional limitations to new heights. The terrain was very difficult, but we all supported each other and finished the hike with a feeling of accomplishment and a new sense of self awareness. 

That first night we camped out in the desert. We made ourselves delicious food, sang songs and then slept in three- person tents. 

We started off Wednesday bright and early to watch the sunrise and pack up the camp sight. We went on a short hike close by and talked about how many raindrops create a downpour which erodes the rock we saw. So too, the power of the group is always more than just the sum total of all the individuals. And that's how we began day two: Me and the group.

From there we headed over to a park to work on our team-building skills with some low-ropes obstacles and challenges. We really learned a lot about ourselves and how we function in a group. We discussed leadership qualities and being a strong team player and contributor. 

Next, we had a two hour ride ( aahhh...sleep!!) down to Eilat for water sports. Shana Alef went bannana-boating and parasailing, and Shana Bet went on a boat ride with Vicky. Everyone had a great time and it felt amazing to be in the water after all that hiking! 

Wednesday night we had free time to walk the boardwalk of Eilat, and we slept at Hotel Adi near the beach. We are all very excited for the second half of our journey! Stay tuned…..

Aviva Zimmerman and Dara Zukerman, Shana Bet



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