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Great to be Back!

It's so great to get right back into all-day learning after Sukkot break, where we really got to experience Israel and bond with each other.

Although we were all in different places over chag, many girls still got together over Chol Hamoed. Seven shana alef girls went on a tiyul to Ganei Yehoshua in Tel Aviv, led by Katie, our wonderful madricha. Girls rented bikes and enjoyed the park's beautiful scenery. Shana Bet had dinner with Rav Lerner and his family in their Sukkah, and as always, it was a blast to spend time with Rav Lerner!

It was a wonderful Sukkot and Simchat Torah, feeling the spirit of the chag wherever we were with the sukkot filled streets.

After one more Shabbat to relax before returning to Midreshet, we were happy to get back into the routine of learning again this week.

Tuesday night was game night in the dorms with our Eim Bayit, Shelby and Madrichot. Wednesday morning we had a yummy treat in the office – gorgeous cupcakes from Kosher Cakery. Thanks Kosher Cakery and thanks Lori (for bringing them to us from Beit Shemesh)!

There's a lot of exciting tiyulim coming up…..Next week Shana Alef is going to Chevron and today we had an orientation meeting for the upcoming 'Lech Lecha" tiyul/experience scheduled for the week after, so stay tuned!

Shira Russel and Rachel Salutsky, Shana Bet





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