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Connecting to the Land

As the year is winding down, Midmo is making sure we end on a high note. Last Thursday, we ventured out to a Keren Kayemet forest, where we pruned trees to ensure their long-lasting survival. Through this, we were able to connect to Israel in a way that we never have before. After this gratifying hard work, we were able to wind down with a delicious barbecue.

This past Tuesday night, Midreshet brought in two musicians. They brought their bongo and guitar and we had an awesome kumzits. We all sat in a circle outside in the beautiful, summer air of Jerusalem. It was very uplifting for all. 

Wednesday was dedicated to a yom iyyun on Shabbat. Each time slot had three options and we were all able to choose the subject that spoke to us the most. (Midreshet Moriah-More Choices! :) From "Shabbos makeup", to "Zemirot," to "How to write a D'var Torah," we really had the opportunity to explore every topic of shabbos.

Later in the girls common area, we had potato kugel to finish our "Shabbos filled day" with a bang! Overall, this week at Midreshet Moriah was both fun-filled and meaningful!

Rebecca Wasserman and Karen Horowitz




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