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Goodbye Golan, Hello Lag Ba'Omer

Last Thursday in Midreshet Moriah we completed out tiyul up north. We hiked Mapal Devorah which ended with a beautiful waterfall. After ice cream, we got a quick history lesson at a Syrian bunker and heard the story of Eli Cohen as well as the capture of the Golan. We then ended our trip in Amuka, the seminary dream, where people come to daven for shidduchim. 

On Saturday night we celebrated Lag Ba'Omer with a bonfire outside of school. The whole Jerusalem was filled with them! We sang, made s'mores, and learned how to make pita. Those who went to Meron, the sight of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai's kever, had quite a different experience getting caught up in the swarm of Israeli people and culture. It was an experience that won't be forgotten.

Tuesday night we had a program about Tefillah and Rav Ifrah from Torat Shraga came to speak to us. He spoke about the power of communal prayer and what to focus on while davening.

Stay tuned for the news next week – It's Yom Yerushalyim on Wednesday – we can't wait!


Rayli Nussbaum, Chicago, IL, Shana Alef

Tara Levine, Teaneck, NJ, Shana Alef

Shira Russel, New Haven, CT, Shana Alef



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