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Adar Chessed

Midreshet girls, headed by Naomi Kahn, packaged over 300 mishloach manot packages for an organization called 'Yad LaYeled HaMeyuchad' which assists families raising children with special needs. The packages will be distributed to these families on Purim. It was an incredible group effort and they loved doing it.

In continuing with the spirit of chessed this month, our students held a fabulous fundraiser for their ongoing fundraising this year on behalf of Hachnasat Kallah, helping new brides, from the former Gush Katif. This particular fundraiser was the first of its kind in Midmo. It was a 'zumbathon'- headed by certified Zumba instructors and Midmo students Nina Klapper and Lauren Fuchs. Over 150(!) girls came from various seminaries to hours of nonstop Zumba music which was incredibly fun, super spirited and the result of incredible teamwork, covering everything from advertising to setting up to running the evening. We are so incredibly proud of their efforts. These students raised over 2,000 shekel for this chessed project!!!



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