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Midreshet Celebrates Purim!

What an incredible Purim at Midreshet Moriah!!!!

Since Purim is celebrated on 2 different days here in Israel, the 14th of Adar in most of the country and the 15th of Adar, Shushan Purim, in Yerushalayim, our girls had the great privilege of getting the best of both worlds! Sunday morning they joined teachers in the Gush for their seudah's and later that afternoon they got ready for round two; a festive Megillah reading in school followed by an incredibly fun chagiga with amazing 'Game' themed costumes and great music! 

The next morning the girls headed out to an old age home in our neighborhood to hear the Megillah with the residents and make the Megillah reading more leibidik. They then came back to Midreshet and we all had a beautiful seudah together, catered by our favorite caterer 'The Gush Gourmet'- Fagie's catering company. 


Check out our pics from the chagiga (coming soon)  and see the fun that was had by all!




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