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Rosh Hashana and Asseret Yamei Teshuva activities

Midreshet Moriah spent a beautiful Rosh Ha-Shanah together in the historic city of Beit She'an, in the nothern region of Israel. After boarding 2 buses with lots of suitcases and lots of food for snacks, we set out for the journey up north. We stopped along the way for a lunch break on Har Gilboa. Rav Ezra explained there about the significance of the Gilboa area in the Tanach while we ate lunch. When we arrived at the guest house, the students were divided up into rooms Midreshet 'random rooming' style which enables the girls to get to know their fellow students better. We took up most of the guest house, being that our group was not only our shana aleph students, but shana bet as well, and we were joined by many staff members including Rabbi and Vicky Berglas, Rav Ezra and Devora Starr, Rav Assaf and Leora Bednarsh, Rav Eitan and Sally Mayer, Michal and Sam Porath-Zibman, our CEO Evyatar and Achinoam Katz, and all of their respective families. After a realxing afternoon getting settled, we gathered together with Rav Ezra and talked about our indidivual goals for the year and then we sang a bit to prepare for Rosh Ha-Shanah. Rav Eitan explained the significance of doing Hatarat Nedarim, and then we all annulled our vows together. Leora Bednarsh spoke about and demonstrated the concept of Eruv Tavshilin being that this was a Chag that was going straight into Shabbat....And then as the sun was beginning to set, the much anticipated Chag finally began. The Tefillah was enhanced both by explanations throughout the Tefillah by the various staff members, as well as our terrific chazanim, Rav Eitan Mayer and Evyatar’s neighbor, Itzik Fuchs. Our meals were enhanced by the Divrei Torah from our shana aleph students Danielle Chutskie, Susie Cohen, Rachel Gaon and Leora Prince, and our shana bet students Tikki Miodovnik, Betsy Magilnick, and Shevs Matanky, as well as faculty Divrei Torah at every meal. Throughout the days together we had a wide variety of shiurim and discussion groups about the significance of Rosh Ha-Shanah and the Tefillot that we say. Friday night we had a beautiful Oneg Shabbat together with singing that lasted well into the night. It was a very special chag, full of lots of learning, davening, relaxing, shmoozing, and getting to know each other better as this year’s Midreshet Moriah family. The activities continued when we got back to school as this week is the Aseret Yimei Teshuva. Many of our students joined the Israeli program 'Migdal Oz' for their infamous Selichot which are full of singing and dancing throughout the evening...they got back to Midreshet at 2 am! This past Tuesday night was our annual learning program in memory of our beloved teacher and Rebbe, Dr. David Applebaum and his daughter Nava, who were murdered by Arab terrorists in Elul of 2004 in what was to be the night before Nava’s wedding. After that program our students joined many other seminaries for a joint Selichot program organized by 'MASA'. The Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Yonah Metzger spoke to the students, then they had a beautiful kumzits together with the Shalhevet band, followed by Selichot. It has definitely been a very busy week here at Midreshet....


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