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End of the Year....

We are ending our year at Midreshet with many celebrations and siyumim. Each chaburahthat met weeklyin the Beit Midrash used theirlast session to finish their learning and celebrate witha siyum party. Ailie, Rina Z. and Rena C. hosted the siyum celebrations in their homes with food for the body anddivrei torahfor the soul!

The Nach Yomi club ended the year with theirsiyum of Sefer Yeshayahu with a fancy sushi seudah. Kol HaKavodto Renana, Charlie, Jenna, Betsy, Hillary, Esti and Rebecca.The participants plan on continuing through the summer and after.We look forward to hearing from them when they make theirsiyumon Tanach!

Tuesday night was the girls' last night with their rakazot. Each group did something special to celebrate all the learning, growth and friendship that we all cherish and will remember. Everyone reflected on their year in a unique way. Rina Zinkin hosted her girls at her house and discussed their goals for the future. Rena Coren's group sat under the stars in Yemin Moshe, talking about friendship and writing letters to themselves that Rena will mail in 6 months. Bracha had a "slumber party" on the 9thfloor where the girls engaged in some art-therapy, collaging their reflections on the year with pictures and words from magazines.

Michal and Fagie hosted the last Wednesday night Kiddush in the Beis. It was an elegant chips-and-dips party, where the girls were encouraged to keep all they've gained and leave here without "the dip falling off the chip".

We are all so excited for the last "Shabbat babayit". Rav Eitan, Rav Ezra, Michal, Fagie and Bracha and Rav Adi will join the girls for an unforgettable 25 hours of reflections on the year, inspiring Torah, and emotional singing.

Stay tuned for a full report about the last shabbaton as well as the mesibat siyum, scheduled for Monday evening.


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