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Shavuot at Midreshet

We spent such a beautiful Shavuot here at Midreshet!  After candle lighting, Michal Porath Zibman spoke about the privilege we have of being able to walk to the Kotel after learning all night and we sang songs about Yerushalayim and danced.  It was a wonderful way to begin the Chag!  Following Ma'ariv in the Hospital's shul, we sat down to a festive meal together with the Berglas, Mayer, Reves, and Porath-Zibman families, catered by Fagie, our Eim Bayit.  The delicious food, topped off by the amazing cheesecake for dessert, gave us the energy to begin a full night of learning.


Midreshet Moriah is proud of all of our students who made it through the entire night, and exceptionally proud of our students who gave shiurim that night!  These girls spent weeks researching a topic in the Beit Midrash together with their teachers, put together source sheets, and taught both the staff at Midreshet and their fellow students throughout the night!  Shiurim were given by Shevs Matanky (in memory of her brother, Ya'akov Levi Matanky z"l), Rivka Herzfeld, Ayelet Schabes, Aliza Saltzburg, Renana Schutzer, Jenna Spector, Lizzie Moskovic, Tali Wachspress, Rebecca Rubin (in memory of her Zaidy Heller z"l), Tova Medetsky, and Maayan Weissman. The topics varied from Tanach (Tefilla in Tanach), Halacha (eating dairy on Shavuot, halacha of bracha achrona) and Machshava (Shalom, ve-Ahavta leReacha Kamocha), just to name a few.

Rav Eitan, Rabbi Berglas, and Michal gave shiurim throughout the night as well. Evyatar Katz, our Executive Director, walked to Midreshet from Har Nof and gave a shiur in Hebrew to the girls who had the energy to learn in Hebrew at 1 am!

At 3:45 am we set out towards the Kotel and walked the beautiful walk of Aliyah l'Regel as hundreds joined us along the way.  By the time we got to the Kotel, we were part of the thousands who come to daven Vatikin the morning of Shavuot.  It was an absolutety magnificent experience!


After the long walk back and a few hours of much-needed sleep, we had seudat Chag, followed by a presentation by Ahuva Gray and a shiur by Sally Mayer on Megillat Ruth. Today, we will be having se'udot chag for our students who are keeping 2 days, and will have shiurim by Rav Ezra Starr and special guest, Shani Taragin. 

It was truly an unforgettable Shavuot.


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