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Special Message to Alumnae!

We hope you had a wonderful Shavuot, and that the memories of Shavuot at Midreshet, in Yerushalayim, remain a part of you, and you still feel connected to us as we do to you.

As part of our ongoing effort to strengthen our 'kesher' with our many years of dear alumnae, weve been working a bit more with technology. For those of you who missed our YouTube Yom HaAtzmaut greetings, you can watch it here:

We are truly flattered that over 350 of you tuned into our first Midmo YouTube Greetings!

In honor of Shavuot 5770, we are pleased to present you with 2 different things.

The first, is 3 mini shiurim from some of your favorite teachers and former rakazot. Those of you who spent time learning with Malka Hubscher, Rena Coren, and Bracha Krohn know what truly unique and different personalities each one is. Whether in rakezet meetings, learning in their shiurim, or just shmoozing with them in the Beit Midrash- you know that they have so much Torah and insight to offer. If youve never met them, then here's a great opportunity to get to know some of the current female staff at Midreshet Moriah.

Rena Coren:
Malka Hubscher:
Bracha Krohn:

We hope that this will be the beginning of a real effort to upload shiurim that are geared specifically for our alumnae.

These Shavuot mini shiurim are between 10- 20 minutes long. 

The second upload that we are excited to present to you in honor of Shavuot, is a one minute greeting by Vicky Berglas, who, together with her husband Rabbi Berglas, founded Midreshet Moriah over 2 decades ago (!). No further introduction to her is necessary, for if you went to Midreshet at any point in the past 2 decades, then just the name 'Vicky' is enough.

We always appreciate your feedback and comments...let us know what other types of shiurim you would be interested in hearing, or in general, what ideas you have to help us stay connected with you!


With blessings from Yerushalayim for a beautiful Chag Kasher veSameach,
Michal Porath Zibman

Director of Alumni Relations
Midreshet Moriah


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