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Double It

By: Rabbi Yitzchak Lerner

It is interesting to note that when Hashem gives Moshe the luchos for a second time - it was done very quietly.  He even commands Moshe "No man may ascend with you nor may anyone be seen on the entire mountain. Even the Flock or the cattle may not graze facing the mountain" (Shmos 34:3)

The first time though, Hashem reveals himself at Mount Sinai to the entire Jewish People. This revelation is so powerful that we still are speaking about it today. It is the backbone of our entire faith!! What other religion can claim that millions of people experienced the same massive revelation? We understand that this is what we heard from our fathers and this is what they heard from their fathers…going all the way back to the event. How can we invent such a massive event?

So maybe both times are necessary.

This event happened, so far, only one time in history. It is meant to be a catalyst, and has successfully been a catalyst for transmitting our ideas to future generations. It could be that this is why it was given with such fanfare; trumpets blaring, mountain on fire. This is something that can never be forgotten.

Now that it's over, back to our regular lives. Keep it modest. We don't need to live our lives in the spotlight. Our avodas Hashem should be done quietly and modestly. We don't need to publicize our interactions all the time. Modesty is not only about how we dress but it's also, just as importantly, how we act.

The fist luchos is necessary as our base, to remember the event and to remember our mission. The second though is a reminder of how we go about doing it.

Have a great Shabbos.

R' Yitz Lerner





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